Tuesday, December 28, 2010

out dated

its been quite a long time since i post an entry in this blog. it just like my passion and commitment for this blog is diminishing as time passes by. stalking to other's blog makes me wonder..."oh,kuno gile blog aku". hahahahah.... so peeps..help me with this one. where did u guys get those cool layouts for ur blogs? mcm cool gile....nak jugakkkkkk......hehehehehe...


p/s: winter break almost over. probably wont see me regularly these coming 3 months. kene struggle gile bangang wei. seriously!

Monday, December 20, 2010


dont u guys think sometimes it feels hard to be positive?
even though u try to be one, but the question is...until when? for how long can u be positive?
positive thoughts..positive signal..positive mind....bla..bla..blaa...
sometimes,it feels like i am lying to myself...for being positive...
by planting the thoughts of things that you wanted..or how things should be...
wake up!this is the real world...not everything will goes with your plan...
not everything that you dream of will be granted..

*damn u evil!stop messing with my thoughts!*
i guess trying to be positive doesnt harm anyway..
if it makes you feels better...why bother?
just keep on being positive!
good luck people! *peace*

keyword: smile.....:)

p/s: currently watching hotaru no hikari 2. owh...i luv this drama. i wish i can be like amemiya hotaru.


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Award From Cikgu Man

Award From Cikgu Man

AWARD from Shaz-Wanie

AWARD from Shaz-Wanie
thnx beb...;)

AWARD from Farid

AWARD from Farid
arigatou ne!