Tuesday, December 28, 2010

out dated

its been quite a long time since i post an entry in this blog. it just like my passion and commitment for this blog is diminishing as time passes by. stalking to other's blog makes me wonder..."oh,kuno gile blog aku". hahahahah.... so peeps..help me with this one. where did u guys get those cool layouts for ur blogs? mcm cool gile....nak jugakkkkkk......hehehehehe...


p/s: winter break almost over. probably wont see me regularly these coming 3 months. kene struggle gile bangang wei. seriously!


k h a y said...

means that after 3 months baru leh jmpe kau balik ke apa ???

ethan said...

its better that way..

zarf_iera said...

khay: x..after 3 months bru ak aktif blek kt dunia on9 ni.fb,blog,etc.hahahaha....


Siti Nurhuda Husna Zulkarnain said...

kalau layout tu kan, kat blogspot pun da ade banyak pilihan yang cantik2 gak. cube la tengok~ =)


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Award From Cikgu Man

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AWARD from Shaz-Wanie
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