Thursday, November 05, 2009

hope this strength can make me stronger

i try to sleep
but hardly can close my eyes
my head is spinning
thinking what tomorrow might comes

i made a promise
to have no tears again...
it seems like the promise already broken
since the tears keeps on falling
and i keeps on sighing..

i used to believe
god will never put us in difficulties
if we cannot accept it
although it is hard
i will try to endure it
it just a matter of time
before He gives me....
the light of life

in this tiny little heart
i'll try to find the strength
hope this strength can make me even stronger

p/s: title pic pd blog dh ditukar juga. a kanji symbol..means 'STRENGTH'. i really nid it. :(


k h a y said...

hey zaf!!! apsal ni mek..

any problems ka? kuatkan smgt ok.

kwn2 ade di sekeliling.

and ur family too!

█▓▒░♥ p a n y ♥░▒▓█ said...

wahhhhhhhh cantek la tulisan kanji tu weh. huhuhu

zarf_iera said...

thnx khay...advice from kwn2 dh ckup helpful nid 2 worry.huhu..i still cn dpends on my own. family is nt an option 4 me..huhu

pany,smart kn..??huhu..

DAUD said...

klu ko da leh tulis cam tu,
xpun ko da copy n post pasal strenght,
x perlu lah aku riso2,

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

kamu nie nape?
dulu nak tgk ko nanges pon susah!
bertabah ea zaf?

zarf_iera said...

daud,diz is not a copy paste..

wani,ak xtaw.mkin ak kte nk tbh..mkin lmah ak ase..aisy..loser!


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