Sunday, February 27, 2011

hey finals!

finals is around the corner peeps! winter 2011 is almost over..2 more weeks to go!
so,what should i do? deactivating fb...check! study and revision...uncheck! homeworks...uncheck! research paper..uncheck! 2 more weeks to the finals, yet a lot of assignments and homeworks need to be done. great! stop!cut the crap! start focusing on your study!

"ok2...i will....". (internal monologue)

zarf's mood scale ( 1-extremely happy, 2-feels good, 3-so-so, 4-not really in a good mood, 5-feels sucks! )

  • baru lepas breakfast with roommates, fiza & mariapaz. we made pancakes! yummy! ( mood scale-2)
  • jari jemari sakit. i wonder how can i learn playing guitar without hurting my finger. boleh x? (mood scale-5)
  • watched the notebook with mariapaz last night. oh...its a good movie! best2..!! habis movie teros text incik kerol. "abg...kalau a** nk sekuntum bunga tiap2 ari,rse2 abg nk bg x?". incik kerol reply.."xde keje abg nk wat cmtu.." cis!apakah? (mood scale-8 (?) )


k h a y said...

hahaha gila comel korang.

ok g belajar

zarf_iera said...

aku je comel. dy x comel pon.hahahaha...

DAUD said...

good luck
lekatkan plaster kat jari jemari ko yang halus itu....

zarf_iera said...

lekatkn plster?huhuhu...mmbzr la cmtu...:P


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Award From Cikgu Man

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AWARD from Shaz-Wanie
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