Saturday, June 06, 2009

sape bace..kene wat blek!haha..

1. What is the best thing about yourself?
people alwiz says i'm funny..if dats da truth..then it may da best thing bout me.

2. If you only have 1hour to live, what would you do?
mntak maap kt ayah n bonda...syurga di bwh tlpk kaki ibu.

3. What is happiness?
happiness-super junior.nice.

4.If you have everything in the world, what could you possibly want?
money,car,house,happiness,keje beso,dslr,dsb...(tamak kao zaf!)

5.What is your greatest fear?
Allah s.w.t

6.Would you kiss a stranger?

7.Have you ever cheated your partner?
yes..smpai skang rse guilty. :(

8. Why do you think people smoke,do drugs and drink?
smoke:they think its kinda cool.
drug: addicted..
drink: sbb dowg

9.If you could,you would...?
no idea..

10. What is your patner's best attribute?
partner..??lmbt lg kot..

11. Do you have real friends? Name some of them.
haiyaa...byk la cmni..

12. Money or happiness?
both!!(tamak lg zaf ni!)

13. What would you likely to say to your crush if you have the chance to talk to her/him?
erk..nothing.coz kompem glabah gile smpai tatau nk ckp pe.

14. What do you think about your ex bf/gf? x ttp pndrian.dats y i left coz evry minit nk call.wah,jjur!!

15. Why are you doing this tag?
kinda bored..xde keje la katekan..


Anonymous said...

x pasal2 kene buat sebab da bace. hahahahahahhahah cis2 ko zaf ~!!

zarf_iera said...

aku dh warning awl2 ea...
cpt!aku nntikn jwpnmu..hahaha..


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