Saturday, July 25, 2009

temporary freedom

finally..we've done our TOEFL test.yipee!!
comment??..dun eva ask bout it.
enough with this TOEFL thingy...
Juz hoping this temporary freedom will last forever.
but,guess not..need to finish up my bloody assignments within diz 2 weeks.

nota kaki buat noure: welcome home 2 malaysia! huhu..c ya tomorrow!

p/s: mau g banting a.k.a umah noure sok.her sis get married.
p/s 2: currently in s.alam.lpaks with some old frens..go PLKN!hahaha


DAUD said...

nak ikut gak g rumah noure,
tp klu xleh,
ko kem salam je la kat dia e.

k h a y said...

haha. esk cerite dgn kami ok!

zarf_iera said...

daud,ak dh jmpe noure.
bgitula bliau.x gemok2 pown.hahaha..
ble nk lpak same ni?kite gather claz AH jom.huhu..

khay,hihi...dh crite daaa...


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